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AP: Online Journal in Public Archaeology is an open access, not-for-profit journal, freely available online. The philosophy of the journal is to provide the widest access at the lowest cost, but in order to continue its publication, and thus to keep improving the quality of the content, there is a need for funding* as there is a series of expenses related to its production, web hosting and server maintenance. 

There are two ways to support the journal and, whichever way you choose, your help really does make a difference:

1. Buy the paper version:
You can buy the paper version of any volume you want.
The price for each volume is 10€ (+shipping).
Just contact us at to buy your volume (subject line: AP Journal Paper Version)

2. Make a donation:

For details on how to make a donation, contact us at (subject line: Donate) or use Paypal

If you find the journal stimulating and useful, please consider a modest donation that will help it continue its journey. 
Donations of any amount will be received with appreciation and will help us carry on.


We would like to warmly thank all the people that have supported and made this journal possible so far:

Vicky Papagiannopoulou
Giannis Papagiannopoulos
Alipio Sánchez
Mª Ángeles Sánchez
José Mª Almansa
Mayca Rojo
Gaëlle Cerruti
Carlos Tejerizo
Jacob Hilton
Patrice L. Jeppson
Gemma Cardona

Ioannis Poulios
Howard Williams
Klaudia Karpinska

Thank you all!

*All donations are going directly to support the maintenance of the server and the domain, as well as the production of hard copies that are being distributed to libraries to be archived and encourage new donors. All the work for the production is conducted voluntarily.


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