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AP Special Volume 1 - CALL FOR PAPERS

PUBLIC ARCHAEOLOGY IN MAJOR DEVELOPMENT WORKS This is the title for the first special volume of AP Journal. We are willing to publish it during 2012 and now we want to open a Call for Papers, both original articles and reviews. What are we looking for? Since the beginning of CRM and Commercial Archaeology there have been thousands of interventions worldwide. Some of them have taken place within the frame of major development works (e.g. pipes, roads, tunnels, airports, urban developments, etc.). Sometimes, they have had a special impact in the area of Public Archaeology both in the management and diffusion. In this volume, we are willing to compile different experiences from around the world, approaching PA-related topics such as project management, policy analysis, outreach and community engagement, exhibitions and other means of diffusion, press coverage, etc. If you want to participate, please contact us at: