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Volume 2 - Editorial

EDITORIAL: Public Archaeology in debate Jaime Almansa Sánchez Editor Piece by piece this journal is growing. That is why, before saying anything else, we need to thank every follower and collaborator for being there for us. Volume 2 comes full of new ideas, projects and perspectives on Public Archaeology. During the past few months I have struggled with the crisis and Spanish archaeology. Both have been tough to deal with and none has been resolved yet. It is a fact that current management models are in a crisis, and we need -in some countries more than others- to rethink and redefine our role as professionals and adapt to this changing world. It does not matter if we work in the public or the private sector; archaeology has become a commodity whether we like it or not, and its value is not what we usually expect. One of the main roles of Public Archaeology is to design a more efficient and sustainable practice, keeping in mind the social role of our work and our