Have you recently attended a conference, session, workshop, lecture, or even watched a movie or theatre play, or read a comic you would like to share? Have you organized an event and you would like to tell us how it went? 

We provide you the platform to share and review a variety of events that are not communicated widely, sometimes because we do not dare to write about them, shortly after they take place and with a more fresh writing style in contrast to the more formal academic standard. 

We share all reviews here (scroll down to see the full list), via our social media, as well as providing links in the journal, although we are not sure this qualifies as academic credentials. It depends on the evaluation body and reviews are not valued highly anyway. But who cares about that?

We will be posting relevant content ourselves, but we mainly want you to share with us your own perspectives. If you are planning to attend an event and are thinking about reviewing it, tell us. In case you have attended an event that we have already reviewed but have a different opinion, let us know. If you just want to rant a bit about something, tell us! The only limit is that your text must be relevant to public archaeology and about 500 words. 

So what are you waiting for?

How to contribute:

  1. Watch TV, go to the cinema, read the newspaper, or simply go to an archaeological event*.
  2. Write your thoughts in approximately 500 words. We are not that much interested in plain descriptive reviews; what we want is your opinion and we highly value a critical approach.
  3. Contact us at with your text and we will get back to you within a couple of days.
  4. Your review will be published promptly in the blog. 
*The term 'event' here, apart from conferences, workshops, etc., also includes those weird movies/plays/books about the past or cool archaeologists, as well as political disputes in the news.



Aitchison, K. Conference Review: 3d IHC HerMa Conference - 2 August

Arauz, E. NEARCHing Factory - Review - 21 March


Moudopoulos, F. Heritage magistra vitae - The 3rd International HerMa Conference in Elefsina, Greece - 30 November

García Raso, D. Pikachu, the vandal - 8 August

Almansa-Sánchez, J. DGUF Conference 2016 - Experiencing politics in Berlin (5-8 May) - 18 May


Papagiannopoulou, E. & Poulios, I. 'Card game: How the citizens of Athens experience the city's cultural heritage during the crisis'. Reflections on values-based management - 22 January


Ion, A. Some thoughts on the 20th European Association of Archaeologists Conference in Istanbul - 26 September

Touloupa, S. When Public Archaeology is conflated with Cultural Tourism - 7 July

Touloupa, S. A 30-year retrospect of the Greek Ministry of Culture educational programmes: an insider's insight - 25 April

Papagiannopoulou, E. Multivocality and Technology: Review of a lecture at the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens (IIHSA) - 14 February

Almansa-Sánchez, J. Audiences… A review of the CASPAR session at TAG-on-Sea 2013 (Bournemouth University) - 11 February


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