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Call for Assistant and Reviews Editors

AP Journal is currently seeking applications for the following positions: 4 Assistant Editors The workload for the journal is increasing year by year and it is becoming difficult for two people only. This is why we open this call for Assistant Editors, believing that four extra hands will make this initiative enjoyable for all. 1 Reviews Editor Reviews are an essential resource to know what is happening in Public Archaeology, so we think it would be good to have a Reviews Editor to seek for interesting content for publication. AP is a peer reviewed, open access journal devoted to Public Archaeology. Currently in its fourth year, and having already published 3 volumes, AP Journal seeks to improve its publication process. Up to now, we have done our best to offer you some of the most interesting and quality content in the field of Public Archaeology. This year, we reached 1.500 registered users and 25.000 unique visitors, almost doubling traffic and followers in al