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EDITORIAL: Change and conflict

Jaime ALMANSA SÁNCHEZ, Editor Elena PAPAGIANNOPOULOU, Editor At the time of writing this editorial , as the new year is already underway, we are taking an introspective glance balanced with rational self-criticism . To begin with, even though the debate about current publishing models is ongoing, there is no internal conflict surrounding our work for the journal. It is our firm belief that the quality and accessibility of academic publications rather than impact factor and quantitative metrics should be a priority. We work with this principle in mind, aiming at the same time at being as inclusive and representative as possible. The downside of our model, apart from time constraints, is that we rely entirely on the donations we receive. Thus, there is no funding stability, the latter being one of the key sustainability factors . On the bright side, we are still here and our model’s virtue, apart from being freely and fully available for readers around the globe provided that