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A 30-year retrospect of the Greek Ministry of Culture educational programmes: an insider's insight

The presentation of Stathis Gotsis on February 25, 2014 at the Association of Greek Archaeologists offered us an earnest account and insight of the Greek experience and efforts to make museums more inclusive and open to society. A history graduate himself and an employee of the Greek Ministry of Culture and its Centre of Educational Programmes since 1991, S. Gotsis joined the Byzantine and Christian Museum in 2000 as the head of Educational Programmes. It is worth noticing that the B&C Museum has been a pioneer in educational programmes nationwide for many years. However, S. Gotsis had already been involved in educational programmes since 1985, when the very first project of the Ministry on ‘the History of Writing’ was launched. In his presentation he talked about four different projects: one with a group of secondary education students between the age of 13 and 15, who worked on a project in Gazi, an old and closed down industrial complex of natural gas; a project with a g