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The team has grown!

How time flies! When this project first started, almost four years ago, there were only two of us enjoying the adventure that editing and publishing a new, open access academic journal is. Now AP Journal is starting to become a reference in public archaeology, with great numbers and quality content to offer.  For the past couple of years we have been running a bit behind schedule. The workload had increased considerably, and that meant that we needed assistance if we were to cope with it, step up a gear and improve the journal. Today, we are very pleased to introduce you to the 5 new members of our editorial team: -Dominic Walker, Assistant Editor -Amanda Erickson Harvey, Assistant Editor -Kaitlyn T. Goss, Assistant Editor -Alexandra Ion, Reviews Editor -Alejandra Galmés, Assistant Production Editor We warmly welcome you to our team. We are so glad you joined us in this adventure! Jaime and Elena