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Some thoughts on the 20th European Association of Archaeologists Conference in Istanbul

A bit more than a week ago, the 20th EuropeanAssociation of Archaeologists Conference in Istanbul   finished. Being an anniversary meeting, I think expectations have been quite high. Even the organisers chose to present the event as gathering " participation from more than 76 countries...more than 2500 Accepted submissions...2014 Istanbul meeting of the EAA will be esteemed as the most extensive archaeology meeting held in Europe since 1979 UISPP congress ". In what follows I will share some of my thoughts and impressions of the event, based on my personal experience and participation in several sessions (i.e. on archaeological theory, public archaeology, inter-disciplinary and funerary archaeology). Image: European Association of Archaeologists, 2014  For me, the most important thing that was brought into view during the 3 days of academic events was that this was more a congress of European/world archaeologies than of a European archaeolog