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Volume 3 - Editorial

EDITORIAL: A bridge too far close Jaime Almansa Sánchez Elena Papagiannopoulou Year by year, editing the journal becomes more complicated with the increasing load of work. Old and new projects interfere with a process that is time-consuming, especially for only two people. When this adventure started in 2010 we saw this as ‘a bridge too far’, but it turned out to be too close. Despite the delay in publishing this volume, we are out with new, quality content and plans for a brighter future. This year has been special for us. Our friend journal Public Archaeology has been listed by the ISI Journal Citation Index, upgrading our discipline considerably. Brazil is back in business with Arqueología Pública, and a new Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage will see the light of day in a few months. Besides, the first Italian public archaeology congress took place last autumn (see Zuanni’s review), and the Public Archaeology Group (the PAG) has organized its two f