Meet the team: Alexandra Ion

Alexandra is an archaeologist and osteoarchaeologist, interested in the anthropology of the body, theoretical and public archaeology. Her research focuses on the construction of scientific knowledge in Archaeology and Osteoarchaeology, the relevance of these disciplines in the contemporary world and the value ascribed to the human body in this process.

Alexandra is currently a research assistant at the Institute of Anthropology "Francisc I. Rainer" (Romania) and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bucharest. The two research projects she is currently focused on explore the construction of the anthropological body in the beginnings of the Romanian physical anthropology (the collection, fragmentation and representation of the human body) and the role of medieval princes’ bodies in contemporary archaeological narratives (how the bodies are turned into a political matter). When she is not working on these projects or doing her reviews editor job for the journal, you can find her updating her "Bodies and Academia" blog. 


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